This web-comic is the output of a research conducted on a youth-media led project, Dual Netizenship, supported by the British Council. Dual Netizenship brought together 38 young filmmakers from the UK and Tunisia who, working online for 12 weeks, produced a movie together.

Situating the Dual Netizenship partnership in the intersecting fields of media literacy; media for development and inter-cultural youth-led media and using that intersectional situating as a conceptual framework for our in-project data sets collated from embedded fieldwork observation; arts-based, focus-group and ‘thought experiment’ workshops, our research has generated a set of findings that can feed forward into a set of ten transferable principles. It was clear from our facilitators’ workshop that there is no replicable ‘model’ for this work, but from our field review, observations and workshops, we can identify design principles and a mindset – a modus operandi or set of ways of being.

DualNetizenship – Transferable Principles

The researchers involved in the project are Dr. Isabella Rega and Prof. Julian McDougall. Xue Han illustrated the principles, taking inspiration from the Dual Netizenship partnership.

The principles were generated from embedded field work in the project and discussions with facilitators Naomi Russell (Bird by Bird Projects) and Georgina Bednar (No Ordinary Experience), and the participants from Boubli, Fully Focused Productions, Million Youth Media and 5orti.